DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta8 Download


Beta 8:
fixed various sell prices
updated drow’s story per volcove’s suggestion
* Reduced model size on Non-Ancient Golems
buffed up murlocs a bit
fixed ravage lvl 2/3 damage
fixed (again.. sigh) impales to stun!
* Improved creep pathing on top Sentinel lane
* Improved base int and growth on Visage

Beta 7:
Fixed Eidolons armor
fixed mana shield cooldown
fixed guin sell price
fixed level 2 marksmanship
* Fixed Dark Rift from using cooldown when cast incorrectly
fixed impale effects to work on ancients
fixed some visuals with impales
fixed the stun to start timing after the unit lands from air
range on na and lion impale is always full range
added a minimum range for the impale effect on burrow strike so if you target yourself, it still impales nearby units
fixed ravage damage
* Added Ring of Health to the Goblin Shop
lowered quarterstaff price
fixed bottle cooldown (it was still 8 seconds, not 5)
lowered euls cd a bit and reduced recipe
tweaked guin/eul/orch a little, see feedback post for complete details
* Reworked the trees/pathing near the small sentinel creep camp
did lots of tweaks and changes to neutrals

Beta 6:
fixed kickafk giving you options for players that aren’t afk
fixed a pathing issue with the trees near the new ramp
* Reduced cooldown on high level Shapeshift
kickafk properly shares control on kick now
increased quilbeast hp by 100
undid marksmanship change, kept the agi gain nerf
adjusted leap cd change from last version
fixed apm command (it was actions per second before i think)
undid potm base damage change change
fixed morph courier hotkey
removed guinsoo recipe
* Reduced Gravechill manacost and cooldown a little
* Recoded impale based effects completely, fixing various ramp bugs, stacking issues and lots of rare problems. (Burrowstrike, Impale (Lion), Impale (Nerubian Assassin), Ravage)
* Removed manacost on Mana Shield
* Added Javelin to the Goblin Shops
* Added Quarterstaff to the Goblin Shops
* Increased Perseverance damage from 7 to 10
reduced tornado damage on buildings

NOTE: I will address the neutrals in a more meaningful way next version. Please give feedback on them.

Beta 5:
changed the removal of bottle sell cost to a small one (mainly cause of a problem i was having with it not displaying manacost)
* Changed Leap cooldown to scale with levels
* Lowered Mirana’s base damage a little
added magic resistance to quilbeast (75%)
tried to fix the shukuchi issue with dealing damage twice again
fixed ogres autocasting
* Changed the pathing around the one of the neutral camp areas on the Scourge Side
returned damage amplification to orchid and changed from 4.5 to 5 duration
reduced cooldown and increased range on guinsoo
* Increased Chainfrost bounce by 1
* Fixed a bug introduced in the recent scepter changes on Crystal Maiden
* Improved armor on Enigma’s Eidolons
* Removed the stack restriction on Shiva’s Guard
* Improved Juggernaut’s movement speed
* Implemented a better silencing mechanism in the Black Hole area
reduced drow’s ultimate a little
* Lowered Drow’s Agility gain per level
* Added a new command -apm to reveal your actions per minute
-afkinfo and -kickafk now work properly
fixed -neutrals test spawn command
lowered guinsoo recipe cost
* Couriers can now disassemble items (161180)
* Added text descriptions for powerups (68307)

NOTE: Do not use any heroes with impales (most importantly, lion). I am in the middle of recoding all impale based effects for less glitches and less conflicts (so it will fix burrowstrike problems as well).

Thank you Xantan. 😀

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