Do You Want Maria Sharapova’s Toilet Seat?

Maria Sharapova

So Maria Sharapova and Anna Chakvetadze had an exhibition match at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday. I didn’t go watch but I’m guessing Anna won only because she’s got such an awesome name.

Imagine never being called by the lecturer because he or she wouldn’t have a damn clue on how to pronounce your name. 😀

Anyway, I digress, so the company responsible for bringing Maria Sharapova down to our little red dot in an attempt to satisfy all the perverts ardent fans will be auctioning off hotel items which Maria herself will use during her stay such as towels, slippers, and even a swimsuit!

(Not) Surprisingly, there were several requests for a toilet seat and they were rightfully turned down.

“Since there’s an interest for products that Sharapova will use during her stay here, we want to do this tastefully,” Jerry Goh, an organizer for the event, told Singapore’s New Paper. “So no toilet seats or covers will be offered for auction.”

But I digress, the point of this post is since there’s such high demand for Maria Sharapova’s used stuff, I reckon alot people would be dying to get their hands on my used stuff.

And since, the toilet seat appears to be the hottest in demand item, I’m gonna start the bidding for my toilet seat (unwashed) at SGD8888.

The following is a sample of what the winner of the auction will be receiving;

My Toilet

All proceeds will go towards a good cause, my pocket. Thank you, enjoy bidding! 🙂