afternoon eating

Ever since I am back, my food intake has just zoomed all the way to the finish line. Shit! I have afternoon tea everyday which is bad considering that in Shanghai, I can eat and somehow survive on minimum amount of food daily.

I think it got to do with my waking habits. I wake up at 11am (working peeps can kill me), eat lunch straight away and by 130-3pm, my stomach is a symphony of music. Which means I have to eat again. And then I have an early dinner at 530-6pm, and by 9ish, I have to eat again. ROAR! I scare myself with my appetite.

Case in point
Lunch: instant noodles, with egg, fish balls and pork balls
Teabreak: Roti Prata, 1 bowl of cereal, milo, 1 meat patty
Dinner: to be confirmed

Heh, but since dinner is like going to be at 8pm, I gave myself more allowance for teabreak. Going out is out an option cause transport fees are expensive and I am adjusting to the astronomical standard of living in singapore after staying in Shanghai for a long time.

So far so good, I only spend $2.50 since i am back 4 days ago. However tonight’s dinner is going to be a bomb since it is a birthday dinner. Sigh. I shudder to think of the bill after I multiply it by 5 (5 rmb: 1 Sing).

Going to meet mr fag today, after such a long long time.