vomitting words

Didn’t know it has been 2 weeks since I last updated. Meanwhile I went to huangshan on a company trip and I am glad that I survived this mountain better than the first mountain. On another note, I am going to visit nanjing tomorrow and I hope I still remember what I read in the Rape of Nanking book, which I completed some time ago.

I will be back real soon, and its scary how time really flies. Meanwhile I am still waiting for an internship to fall in my lap, so that my december will be spent worthwhile.

I am still extremely busy at work. Boo. The reason why I stop blogging is because I am quite sick of words. I just vomitted 10,000++ words for my report, and not to mention alot of banks are closing applications soon, which means #$%^&*(.

Please excuse me, while I vomit more words.