SIA Pilot accused of making fast food delivery prank calls

Pizza Girl to the rescue!

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot has been accused of making prank calls to fast-foot outlets for deliveries to be made to a colleague. He allegedly called Canadian Pizza’s delivery hotline to order food to be taken to the home of his colleague. Around 30 minutes later, he was said to have called the McDonald’s hotline and placed a similar order.

Two more calls were made to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Canadian Pizza the following day for the same recipient.

Fucked up shit like these really makes you wonder what’s going through the man’s head when he’s making the calls. He’s 53 and in a few more years (OKAY 9 more years 14 more years) and he go on and retire happily and enjoy his pension or whatever they give him after his retirement.

But he had to go around prank calling. Pure genius.