my virgin airkiss

I am having a great social life and food life recently. Its crazy. Due to friends who flown into Shanghai for the Formula One from Singapore and UK(yes, there are plenty of tourist money to be earned from F1), RI and I have a blast recently. Its madness! Hear my timetable

went for super expensive brunch (eg. 50 sing is very expensive in terms of RMB)
ate at an extremely expensive Shanghai restaurant
went for the F1 party and chichi at the D&G store
went partying at one of the pubs till 4am

went to the suburbs on Sunday

went to another expensive Chinese restaurant and ate hairy crabs and Snake (YES, I ate a snake for the first time)
went for Taiwanese massage

went for a seminar conducted by my boss yesterday
Boss treated to good Canto food

Doc friend is leaving back to UK, went to eat Dimsum lunch at another very good chinese restaurant

I told Miss Eloquent, I got sick of eating good food. My digestive system is still very heart-lander at heart. But the best part is I didn’t pay a single cent. Heh, that’s the good thing with hanging out with much older people (10 years and older), we are the xiao meimeis to make up the numbers.

And this group is weird, don’t think I will meet them anymore. when we meet I have to airkiss which explains my title. I mean I understand airkissing is fine in Europe, US but haiyoh, we are in Shanghai. So weird to airkiss especially since we are Singaporeans and Malaysians. I have been airkissing for the past few days, so that completes the whole taitai treatment I guess.