Updates before I go on holiday

Finally finished all the work and now I can breathe better now. The long OT hours at work and at home rendered me to gorging on food all the time. I know its unhealthy, but thank god, everything is back to normal and my normal appetite is back.

But work has been sucky not with RI but because of this correspondence whom I am supposed to send my work to for further improvement. She is supposed to give inputs but guess what, she decided to change and do her own work. And its not that my work is bad, cause my boss praised my work before I proceeded and i did put in adequate effort for it. This woman just can’t approve other people’s work and she decided to redo everything herself. Screw her! My boss on the other hand is MIA in some part of the world and she’s not answering the emails to protect her poor interns from the nasty stepmother. And my boss didn’t tell her what she wants when she told this stepmother to give her inputs. I gather that the evil stepmother thinks that inputs equates to her writing the report when my boss is in charge of writing the report. hmmm. Not a good way to get promoted bitch. Doesn’t help that now i am multi accented. i can speak canton- accented english and chinese, southern accented chinese and singlish accented english and chinese and of course the faux american and british accents. And when dealing with this woman, i can’t help but lapse into hk accent.

But today’s all good cause the boss finally replied an email and said that we will need more time instead of rushing out the report for the press conference. I hope that will silence all the emails for the time being.

Now i am in some crazy job application mode before the next slew of work comes and buries me alive. I have to apply for the famous 4, the banks and some other bank corporations. Woah. Doesn’t help that my grades guarantees that my resume and cover letter doesn’t see the light of day and goes straight to the bin. Oh oh well, my BATNA is at least the famous 4 so I am feeling more consoled.

Another interesting thing that happened is that I got picked up on a public bus. Weird but true. Being a foreigner makes you more delectable I think.

I think the dryer shrinks my clothes, cause my jeans are tight as hell still and i lost quite abit of weight. Hmmm.