typhoon alert. there was supposed to be one last night. After working late and having dinner at my fave pasta place, it was already 9pm. Plus the snatching of cabs which took another half an hour. Luckily (cab-snatching always depends on luck, skills), we manage to grab one before the typhoon strikes.

But the typhoon did not strike last night. I was too tired to wait up for the typhoon (mountain tortoise never see typhoon before ok?) and fell asleep on the couch again while watching telly. Must be the work stress getting to me. I slept at 4am the night before to finish up some work. I dreamt of my boss last night talking to me about work.

My colleagues warned me not to go to work today since the typhoon is supposed to raging. Thus RI and I are at home. We are Kiasee lah. And I think nobody is going to the office today so what the heck, I can do my work at home anyway.

So far from my condo, its just very windy and started raining abit. Fujian and Zhejiang province got hit the worst last night at 230am.

Will update soon on the typhoon alert.