the long job hunt ahead

Its about 8-9 months to me graduating from uni and embarking on this “great” path called work and I have been bombarded with all the recruitment exercises going on. THe bad thing is that I am away and can’t listen to all the career talks, its ultra busy time at work now, I don’t have time to send my resume and apply to all the banks. And the question that haunts me is do i want to work in a bank? Its easy to go with the flow and just end up in a bank, but i am searching my heart for what i really want to do. (notice big 4 is totally out of the pic. hahaha)

Job-hunting really sucks 🙁

i need more than 1 day to sort out all the banks, really think through about which companies I want to apply to, and complete this personality profile thing to see what sort of jobs i should apply for.