Haiyoh the people (meaning sisters) at home are very nosy. They kept asking about RI after reading it yesterday. And worse, one of them wanted to see the picture !!!!!!!!

On another note, there is a week long holiday approaching. Having another friend is sort of to facilitate traveling but somehow RI is being very unresponsive to the traveling suggestions I gave her. She just took a look and didn’t say much. Then she asked about the Peking which I have already been to.

I think RI is growing up. She might travel to Peking alone for the 7 days.

I am quite tired of her ai mai ai mai attitude. I will make my own travel arrangements and buy the train tickets this weekend. Train tickets get sold out very fast during the golden week. I think it will be nice to travel alone too. In-tune with myself also.

This whole week, I have been pmsing and feeling moody at work.

On a funny note, Mr Fag mentioned to me that he dreamt about me once. And then my question was ” I chio in your dream anot?”

Mr Fag’s answer was hilarious. ” It is a dream, not a makeover session.”