reverse racism

China is just like Singapore in the sense that Ang mohs are held in high esteem. As an english speaker, I am also held in higher respect than other people even though i am just an undergrad. Sometimes it pisses me off when they hold the ang mohs in such high esteem. Last sat, i came back to office and we have to sign in. Under the name section, naturally I wrote my name in English and was told to write in Chinese. Before me, there was a list of English written names and I questioned the security guard, why the disparity? And he said they are wai guo (foreigners) ren, to which I replied I am a wai guo ren as well. But nevertheless, not to make his life difficult, I wrote my name in Chinese.

Today was another classic example. The office internet was down and I badly need it for work. My chinese colleague called the property mangement office in our building and they shifted the internet blame to the internet provider guy and told us to call our own internet provider. And boy, i am evil. I called them up, spoke in English, refuse to speak Chinese even when they asked me whether I can, and I almost got what I want: which is to get their officers into our office to take a look. But alas, our internet managed to work at that moment.

I am glad I am a Singapore Chinese. I can speak chinese, blend in and look like the locals (ok, my colleagues happily said I don’t even look like a singaporean), and pretend to be from fujian when i am shopping (if chinese local, can bargain and get better price), speak english when i demand better service from them (its sad but true).

went for a body massage on sat night and it was so comfortable, i almost fell asleep. I decided to take the risk and ask for a male masseur. But he gave me the ugliest pj ever and RI and I was laughing non-stop. But male masseurs are better and they can exert more force at the right spots.

Finally bought the train ticket to my holiday destination. The golden week is coming, and its 1 week of pure holiday. Bliss!