My life as an intern

Miss Eloquent said that I should start a blog with this name cause i give her amusing stories all the time about my internship.

I told her I am so tired because I was busy being a mother and she straight away knew that it was because if the new intern. Most probably, i will be talking more about her here so she deserves a shortform NI.

Ok anyway NI is here and I thought that she will be the independent sort. Cause obviously I thought u learn to be independent when u stay abroad for almost half a year. Apparently not. She’s scared of china and she finds the place messy. She finds comfort in a cab cause she doesn’t need to be squeezing with people. What do i say except ” why the fuck you chose a china internship if you expect to be treated like royalty?” It’s people like her who gives Singaporeans a bad name I tell you.

Ok, decide to change her nick to RI meaning Royal Intern because Miss Eloquent said it will be funnier.

RI fell sick. And she fell sick because of her choice of food. She knew a sore throat was coming and what better but to drink ma la soup. So I have to cook my virgin pot of porridge for her and cook barley water (told you, i am a housewife liao). And since she’s not well still, I have to bring her to the hospital cause there is no clinic in shanghai.

Anyway that’s not the funny part. There was once I taught her how to use the washing machine. After which I went to work and she recuperated at home. Then I received a call ” Hello, the washing machine right. The washing powder didn’t get washed down by the water. So how ah?”

Mrs Lim’s solution of the day (after some eye-rolling which can’t be tell over the phone): Pour some water down to wash the washing powder down.

DUH with a font million D!

And I received another call another day” Hey which block do we stay at?”

Bravo RI!

Hard not to get on my nerves. i expect an adult not a baby.

But such things can’t be blamed. For her, it was her upbringing. Her mother wanted to come to china to ensure that she gets homecooked meals and clean laundry. A singaporean peidu mama except that she’s way overaged.

I am sure that there’s more stories to come but until now, I shall stop. I have some other stories about being the office repair lady next time.

On another good note, I lost 5 kgs already over here 🙂