Happy Mooncake festival yesterday

I forgot to wish everybody happy mooncake festival. I didn’t do anything much, deciding that mooncake festival was a great time to pig out, RI and i went to a nearby restaurant to eat instead of heading home. Beer is dirt cheap although it is usually the very light version. 1 huge bottle for 6 rmb (1.20 sing), it is even cheaper than softdrinks. That explains the increase in the drinking we do.

We ordered stir-fried potato strips, fried beef cutlet with mayo (as good as an orgasm),chilli chicken with more chilli than chicken, and the whole bill comes to 6 sing each. Worth it as hell. somehow the beef in china is especially tasty compared to Singapore, and they have more beef than chicken, so I have no choice but to order beef.

We ate so heartily that by the time we are back home, we are stoned from over-eating and I fell asleep in the living room (AGAIN!) before we realised that we forgot to eat mooncakes and gaze at the moon.

I will be gone for the week to see these if i survive the 19-22 hours train ride there, guess where I am going?