Tour Guide madness

The weather has been freaking hot and my temper’s not that great either. It has been 39 degrees this whole week and the lowest temp is like 29 degrees. I suspect the temp is over 40 degrees because the Shanghai govt won’t report temp of over 40 degrees on a weekday since it means that everybody can stay at home and not work. Heh. So temp in Shanghai shows an interesting trend of reaching 40 degrees only on weekends.

Has been playing tour guide and I realised how tired it has been. I lost my temper a few times cause they complained about the taxi fare being 4 sing (for 4 pple mind you), complained abt the transport system in Shanghai, tour guide, etc etc. You know if people like this come to China and be aware of the not-so-good things instead of opening their eyes to see the technological advancements, then you know where Singapore’s future is going to lie. But thankfully she is old enough to be my grandmother and for that, I cut her some slack. But she is damn lorsor, and everybody is losing their temper. Imagine a person talking non-stop except when she is bathing. Yah, that’s the person I have to bring around. And every word she spews is criticisms and complains and her great comments. She is my fellow intern’s mother’s friend and the truth is, the fellow intern and her mom is losing their temper already. There’s only so much you can take and maybe she thinks she is the empress dowager since she is in Shanghai. Paiseh wrong state. Empress dowager is in Beijing.

While commenting that the trains has little, which actually is not litter since these are advertisement cards thrown by people at the commuters, she did not realised that the trains has train mobile for advertisements. Ditto for tv mobile on the bus which will tell you where every stop is. Oh and if she ever shuts up in the cab, she will realise that the cab has tv screens to watch tv too.

i am already much too nice to her. Who wakes up at 530 am in the morning to send them to the tour bus area? Goes to work at 740 am as it was much too troublesome to go home, ends work at 820pm to pick them up from the tour? Prepares enough food for them to eat on the tour. Do a cash converter chart to assist them when they buy stuff.

Really had high blood pressure over the past few days. so hence the rant.

On the other hand, I am feeling disappointed with a friend. Sick of people not replying my sms even when i requested so. Sick of people who doesn’t care when I smsed and mentioned that I am really feeling down and crying. Sick of people who doesn’t understand the vulnerability i feel. Sick of people who doesn’t treat me as a friend.