Things I did over the weekend

friday was spend dvd marathoning till 4am. I ended up tired and couldn’t go for breakfast with the intern and her mother.

But i managed to wake up for lunch date with another group of friends. We are really leading the high life and enjoying good food. Food this time was at a very value-for-money restaurant. Imagine paying about 14 sing for set dinner comprising of maincourse, salad, dimsum, dessert, drink. damn damn worth it. My friend commented my new hairstyle is very chic which complements with the new glasses i got.

and then went to collect my passport which made me grumble again cause of the visa problems i have here. It’s really hatefull all the stupid red tape they have with the visa.

Saturday somehow was a domestic day. I felt tired and decided to head for supermarket shopping. Went on skin care spree and now my toilet has alot of bottles of skin care products. Cooked barley again this weekend and I suceeded. Green bean soup is next on the agenda maybe next weekend. And marathoned tv and dvd again. Now they have kim sam soon on tv and i have been religiously watching everyday since they show from monday to sun.

Sunday was shopping day. I played tour guide to this US couple who was abit lost. Met them randomly on the train and I decided to help them. They commented that I had a tinge of British accent. Wow. Never knew I had. Now Hugh Grant and I shares the same accent. heh

Met up with cousin and friends after being extremely late. Heng never visit the aquarium which they did cause it was a total waste of money. Spend the money instead on a fake d&g bag which I am not very satisfied. 🙁

cousin and I went for foot massage after a tiring day. It was so good, i wanted to sleep. Nice to know that my cousin is straight. Have been suspecting his sexual orientation which I lightly poked at yesterday.

its monday again. and I am really excited on thurs about national day. We are finding parties here. So far there’s only 2. anybody who knows about any shanghai party to celebrate ndp, please inform me.