My nice music list

Anyone got these songs? Can lend me the CD? 😀

Girl Talk – Too Deep
King – Gravelands – Come As You Are
Samanta – Tambourine Girl
Art Brut – Rusted Guns of Milan
m. ward – chinese translation
The Vinyl Summer – BAD MONKEY
Sugarflies – What About
Shonen Knife – Hot Chocolate
Veruca Salt – So Weird
Serenaide – Lonely Bedroom Encounters
Under The Influence Of Giants – In The Clouds
Xiu Xiu – Hello from Eau Claire
Band of Horses (Everything All The Time) – Wicked Gil
The Streets – Fit But You Know It
The Magic Numbers – Love is just a game
The Rapture – Pieces of the People We Love
redtwenty – every little love
Metric – Grow Up and Blow Away
1234X – hang ten suck twenty
Under Attack – Oh No! We’re under attack!
Lunarin – Silverpiece
Etc – Watch
Joe Ng – Calling
Astreal – Wallflower
Rita Chao – I’ve Gotta Find Cupid
Ariah Firefly – Lady Miss Eveleen
Keaton Simons – And She Was
Lucy in the Loo – Breakfast in Bed
Lucy in the Loo – Loser Lullaby
Drifted Wood – Murder her on the dance floor
Donald, Where’s Your Trousers?