Motor-ride china style

just wanted to talk about one type of public transport in china. There’s guys with motorbikes and they charge half the price of a taxi for a ride. Usually I don’t dare to take them cause I am afraid I get abducted by them. hahaha. But there’s once it was raining and cabs are no where in sight and I have a friend with me, so we decided to take that transport together.

And I am really really damn lousy. I can’t even get up the motorbike cause i dont’ know how to 🙁 and i was grabbing the driver so tightly cause i was afraid. And when I got down the bike, I exclaimed OMG cause my slipper flew away. I think he was very amused to see a girl who hasn’t taken a bike before who speaks in a foreign tongue.

and i realised must wear pants to take. so that rules the number of days i can take such transport.