Omg, i decided to finally watch Heroes, which i have bought for more than 1 month ago. Decided to dig it out of my numerous dvds stack (hehehhe, i am coming back with tons of dvds). ANd boy, I am fucking hooked. I watched 14 episodes (or is it 13) in a long marathon yesterday.

Hee, i love the character Hiro. Ugly but with good heart. And the real him is even better. So fucking smart of 180 IQ.

Die, i think i am going to finish up the rest of the 10 episodes today.

I am pretty slow to watch Heroes but what the heck, I got alot of studies going on in my life previously. Ha, now it is payback time and I can watch tons of dvds cheap. I don’t even have to dl (cause no internet access) and with dvds as cheap as 2 sing for the entire Heroes season, buying dvds is a good deal.

Since I am alone for 2 weekends with nothing to do, I have explore the neighbourhood day on one of the weekends where I just take a walk around the neighbourhoods and see what type of shops they have. And its a good exercise too after walking for slightly more than 1 hour. Plus the reason why the chinese are healthy is because of bicycling, walking and green tea. Since I can’t bike, I can always do the other 2. And most of the other hours are spent in front of the telly. 50 chinese channels (excluding satellite eg. MTV and such). Alot are korean and taiwan and chinese shows. I spotted a bollywood drama serial recently translated totally into mandarin. hehehe.

I am currently trying to lose weight again. So that I can return to Singapore looking better. Results are showing so far. Will inform when I hit the first target.

WHy they put hiro right at the end? Hmmph

looking good my boy


I don’t have conventional taste in men. But so lovely