After the long weekend

Came my menses. hate hate hate! I took leave on friday since my boss told me so after slaving on a report (OT-ing) for almost 1 week.

Decided not to go explore since I was alone and travelling alone doesn’t seem that fun to me. And travelling waste money. hahha. Shall travel more when the other intern is here. ANd she’s coming here soon.

Friday, slacked the whole day which is practically what I did from friday to sunday. Woke up terribly late at mid-day and then it was telly time.

At night decided to venture around my house around. ended up taking a 1.5 hr walk to no where. Phew, managed to walk back to the shopping centre i always passed by. Finally found a foot massage shop. I was looking for a massage shop but nvm. Scrapped the dead skin off my legs due to my intense exercise on my high heels. Now i am 50 grams lighter 🙂
Foot massage and massages are uber cheap here. Won’t be able to enjoy this type of taitai lifestyle when i am back.

sat- at home tellying for 12 hrs straight. I am indeed a couch potato.

sun- decided to pull myself out of the hse cause there’s no more food left. ended up spending a bomb at the supermarket (based on my chinese pay). But oh well, at least the food can last for 2 weeks or so. Especially since I think I am going to be a hermit at home this coming weekend (save for the monthly visit to renew my fucked-up visa). And my last day of slacking started with a red present. Sigh.

So today’s work progress is very slow and unproductive. The thought that I have to go home and cook dinner is such a turn-off. Silly me forgot to bring enough money out today. Oh well, grin and bear and cook.

Like my friend say, I am a housewife already. Just waiting for the right man.