Yu Yuan

Went to Yu Yuan and i wasn’t expecting to see anything like that. THe buildings are so beautiful and restored. I love historical looking places so it was like PHWAR for me!

The pictures will tell you why. This place is a tourist attraction so it is very commercialised. But near the chen hong temple, there is 2 yuan stores and 10 yuan bags store. I bought a backpack for my beijing trip for 10 yuan (2 sing!!!)

this picture wasn’t aimed at anyone cause i was trying to capture a cute guy or what, but it was the queue that i wanted to protray for this nanxiang xiao long bao store. Its the singapore version of donuts. Didn’t manage to eat but i will go back and queue one day

I feel like an imperial concubine. I think a few period films are filmed here.

FOOD again! I was full so i just ate abit.

this is tang bao or soup bao. I just slurped up the soup using the straw and its huge. But didn’t eat the skin cause its hard.

After which cause we were hosting some friends from wu xi (another part of china), we brought them to Bund.

they went up this tower and paid like 85 rmb. I declined cause i will have a chance to go up with the other interns

Instead, i went shopping alone at this super brand shopping centre. And I sort of saw some celebrities

The crowd is 10-20 times the amount of people here. Its crazy! So who’s fans are this?

SHE lah.

i was in the queue trying to get some pics but my camera gave up so didn’t manage to capture any pics of them and I got out of the horde of people. So sorry King meng.

I wanted to blog abt hangzhou but i am tired. More blog posts tmr