working late tonight

boss just gave me an assignment to be handed in on fri. But i take leave that day. heh. i told boss, “its ok, i will finish by tmr.”

i don’t mind working late for this firm. Beats my Big four internship anytime. I was telling my friend the work ethics of my colleagues and my friend said ” I think working in (insert random Big four name) has changed your thinking towards work.” Die, I am slave-driverish liao.

of course, let me recall the shite my senior put me through.

1) scolding me. She is famous for that -_-
2) throwing me to the client alone for at least 2 weeks . i was the only auditor and not qualified somemore.
3) making me work 6 days a week.
4) not forgetting our favourite OTs. I work between 60-80 hours a week.
5) long working hours. Work for like 19 hrs straight 830 am – 330 am
6) HOME WORK. bringing work home on sundays. Realise that by then i work like 7 days a week on top of my sunday tuition.

I don’t mind the hard work since she is working just as hard. But have a little pity on me since I have tuition and don’t let me bring work home to do on my precious Sunday.

and then i see the industry increasing the auditors’ pay from 2000 to 2200 and now to 2400, and seriously does that 400 increase entice me to this job? The working conditions are crap.

Perhaps without the internship, i may still be sucked into the industry but luckily my eyes are wide open.

and i enjoy working late for my current internship. Beats having no work to do. Passion- I think my senior killed the auditing passion from me. Weird thing is that I do well in theory auditing. Practical and theory doesn’t mean the same thing huh?