Start of diet

today shall mark the start of my diet since i decide i will start cooking at home whenever i don’t meet up with friends for dinner.

And since my cooking is so fabulous, i am sure i will kill my own appetite. Plus the fact that i am cooking healthy stuff cause i only know how to cook soup with tofu, mushrooms, vegetables and noodles. I think i will be eating that for quite a while. And there’s carrefour near my house where i do my grocery shopping and I don’t buy meat from there cause apparently the meat is not fresh since carrefour squeezed their suppliers real hard hence the decline in quality. So no meat for dinner and it doesn’t help that i don’t know how to buy meat!

Now you know why i will start to lose weight. But that’s only if i don’t eat all the potato chips and chocs which i have been helping myself too.

I went shopping yesterday at the famous qi pu road where all the cheap and lobang things are. I got a top for 2 sing, 2.5 sing and 4 sing, sunglasses for 3 sing, sandals for 4 sing. heh.

And i will be back there to buy more clothes cause its really cheap. Plus i am going to the tailor soon to make clothes which i have already bookmarked from all the pricey brands.

and my friend blogged about how unhappy she was prior to her europe trip and i could identify with that almost immediately. I remember all the crying outbursts i had 1 month before i left and i think its fear of the unknown. Now that I am here, i can say that i am happy. I walk home from work somedays with a smile curling on my lips because firstly i know that i blend in well with the chinese and look like a local when i am not, secondly i am daring and independent, thirdly i am stepping out of my comfort circle and lastly just being thankful for the opportunity to be here in China.

Some things in China irritates me but i embrace them. The spitters annoy me but not as much, i just siam them. The pushing and shoving at all times becomes second nature to me. The loud honking of all vehicles all the time and I find calm amidst all the noise.

But there’s nice people here. There was once my mobile phone had no more value and i can’t contact my uncle whom i was meeting. So i went to a public phone and realised that I needed a card to use and the guy inside lended me his card and refused payment. And twice, i have been warned of pickpockets and thiefs. Once i was in a railway station and asked the security guard where I should purchase my tickets, moments later i felt someone touching and tugging at my bag and he was helping me to adjust my bag to sling to the front. Another incident was when i was shopping in Carrefour with my laptop in the trolley, one guy was telling me to be careful about leaving my laptop in the trolley unattended.

and now i am staying alone cause my boss is on business trips. Its abit unnerving but I will grow out of it.

and I can’t explain it but there’s this serenity inside me