One Night in beijing

My moods have been roller-coasting ever since my laptop crashed on wed night. In a foreign country, every little set-back seemed enormous and i couldn’t take the trauma of losing my laptop. Call it murphy’s law. I was scheduled to finish my work on thurs night with only 1 day to finish up. Hence wed night i stayed till 9pm to finish my work and when i got home, i wanted to do more work and that’s when my laptop crashed. Everything seemed to be going wrong and I just couldn’t take it. I felt defeated at that very moment. I started crying and a call from my family when they receive my sms told me that there’s always family around, even if they are 6 hrs flight away.

i dreaded the packing of my luggage for beijing since my mood is totally spoilt. Went into office ultra early at 715am (work starts at 930am) to finish up the work and i just managed to finish with sufficient time to take cab to the train station. But not all went well, i didn’t really perform my task well as my eyes were swollen from excessive crying and I just couldn’t do what was required. My boss’s email though nice reflects disappointment that I didn’t perform my task well.

Got onto the train on thurs night and reached beijing on fri morning. Now i am back and beijing is really a place full of culture. Walking through the forbidden city, I somehow got transported back to the old days when eunuchs, palace maids and concubines rule the palace ground.

The trip’s good but i am coming again with my parents. Must bring them when they are still able to climb the great wall. I scaled abit of it, and damn, now my right thigh is on fire from excessive workout. Climbing steps are a problem and i cringed when I sit on the toilet bowl (cause still need to use thigh muscles to bend).

500 pictures and I can’t blog about it until my laptop is back. IBM china is really very incompetent and I think a complaint letter is going to come their way.

i have read the comments but i am not replying over there since i am using office computer. Will reply comments when lappie is rescued.
Lots of stories to tell, including sort of a married man, sort of molestation.

will be back soon.