home alone

I have been around the touristy areas of Shanghai and the pictures will trickle dry after a while but then again, interesting sights are always everywhere so I am sure I will capture a sight or two.

My friend went to Hongkong to continue on her holiday. And I realized my behaviour these few days when she is around, I was truly being myself and I realized why. The true me has a lot of jokes to say, a lot of comments to say. Being with Chinese colleagues, I do share abit of the true me, but since we are still quite foreign to each other, there is not much sharing to do. Being with the boss, I don’t think I can share my comments or 2 cents worth. While watching tv alone, I can’t talk to myself when I want to comment on certain things. I am actually quite starved of companionship here which explains the poor appetite when alone and the fantastic appetite when my friends come over. I do go out with people but there is only so much of me, I can share with new friends. I am the cautious type with people and I guess that I need to change that as I have been told by a Master that I need to open up more.

When walking around with her, I was giving her all sorts of niao comments (I think twice the amount back home) and she accepted all my niaoness because she knows that I am starved of companionship here.

Which brings me to the topic of why I insisted emails from Mr Fag. I have been exchanging emails with a lot of good friends and the feeling I get is that I am still back home with friends within reach. It doesn’t even feel that I am gone from Singapore. Miss Pooh is really nice and she always never fails to sms without any initiation from me.

On Friday, just met my friend for dinner and missed out on cloud 9 since she was feeling unhappy and wanted to talk. So we talked indeed and slept together on the same bed. My friend is really thin as you can see. And then we woke up early to go for breakfast and we tried 4 types of breakfast + soya bean milk. Breakfast was super duper full and fulfilling. And then we went to collect her tailor-made suit and went to wash our hair together. Washing hair plus head and shoulder massage is like 10 yuan (2 sing) and we took like 1 hr to get our hair done. This can only mean one thing, the shampoo boy and girl get paid peanuts (Chinese peanuts worth much lesser). And then after roaming around a while more, its time for her to get on her train to Hong Kong for more touring.

My boss returned and I was watching Schindler’s list on the tv. Initially she was tired but when she found out that I was watching the movie she was hunting for a long time, she decided to watch instead. And she weeped at the end when Oscar Schindler was crying and saying “I should have sold my car and saved 10 more people. I should have sold my golden watch and saved 1-2 more people.” And then I get a crash course on the cultural revolution, middle east politics and how it influence the world events today. I am going to read up on my history to learn much more. Staying with my boss is really beneficial to me as she knows a lot (really a lot) and she imparts her knowledge to me. Of course I have to put in a lot of effort for the assignment she gives me since she is demanding.

(Vulnerable mood not attributed to loss of eyelashes in the right eye)