went for xinjiang dinner yesterday with friends and their friends. xinjiang people are super gorgeous, they look arabic and i even mistaken some for being Caucasians. Anyway besides their beautiful eyes, and great kebabs, i had a ping hui lookalike dining with him. He really look like ping hui man and i can’t stop looking at him (no wonder, he didn’t look much over to myside. ) Will i ever have another chance to see ping hui?

on another note, i have been panicking cause there’s ktv session with the company peeps coming up and i can’t sing to save my life. I can’t read chinese words fast enough to sing and it sucks. so I have prepared this repertoire of songs which i will practice and know the chinese words by heart so that i can sing properly on the D-day. KTV is supposed to be enjoyable right?

thursday i am on route to seeing the great wall of china! can’t wait. (china got 2 great walls, the great wall of china, and the great firewall of china)