Chef NOT!

Cooking for myself did wonders for my appetite. I lost 2.5 kg within 1 week and 2 days of cooking dinner for myself. Of course the heat only added to the loss in appetite.

And poor Mr Fag was scolded by me for failing to send me a single email. Heh. Cause Miss Pooh has been very sweet and we have been exchanging sms and emails about anything. So Poor Fag kena the “you don’t care” speech from me and pronto, i got an email from him.

I did eyelash extension and now i is chio. Really made a whole load of difference. I shall go for 360 degrees change in china. Hi weight loss, Hi fake eyelashes, hi hair extensions, Hi manicure.

I have been guessed to be from taiwan this time around. The whole week, people i meet asked where i was and taiwan was one of the places they guessed. Its all because of the accent. and the place where i extended my eyelash said ” you are from taiwan, japan or singapore?” Then i told her to guess should I should never. She said “singapore” cause taiwan and japanese girls wear makeup but Singaporeans don’t wear makeup. And its true. The whole load of us girls (5!), none of us put makeup. But hey its a sunday and we got such good complexion *flips hair*

ok, got work to rush.