Blog On My Site, Minister Mentor!

More Than Just Talk

I read this interesting article on TNP this morning…

Okay, I was kidding. I didn’t bother reading it at all, I just looked at the pictures. THE PICTURES! Which were honestly more fascinating than anything else. Totally.

Even Minister George Yeo talking. (TNP should have really chosen a better photo)

More Than Just Thoughts

And this;

Blog On My Site

If it all works out, I can imagine something like this actually happening.

renyaojing: Hey! Blog on my site, Minister Mentor!

Esteemed Minister Mentor: Ah? Why would I want to blog on your stupid site?

renyaojing: Cause I want to bring the government and the opposition together through my site and give them equal air time.

Esteemed Minister Mentor: That sounds like a load of bullshit but sure, anything to prove the naysayers wrong and that we’re indeed a democratic country.