The original C oh C

Yesterday Afternoon
Can you C that a C is coming my way
Even fuCk has the word C.
Ditto for 🙁 which is actually : C

On another note, i got my digi cam and although it was sold on IT
fair, I got it way cheaper at Simlim. 329 vs 240. Freebies are about
the same too.

3 papers in a row is fucking Cheebye you know. Sian even Cheebye has a C in it.

Yesterday 3am
In a good way to prevent me from surfing the net too much, my internet has banned me from usage itself due to this new prissy router. My cheatsheet which is 3 double sided has 11000 words with font 7.5. Small font and no sleep has resulted in me looking like I have a penchant for brown eyeshadow even though grooming is the last thing on my mind right now. Panda eyes help me save on eyeshadow hur?
The fucking dbs device cost 20 bucks if I want a replacement. Fuck, i knew there is a transpiracy to increase revenue this way. Piss me off enough and I will download your annual report and pore over it carefully including the damn footnotes.

Today 7pm
Having survived 3 hours of sleep, my brain processed things slowly and I think I buanged my most confident subject. I studied so hard for this. Fuck. I didn’t finish 2 papers already. 🙁 Tomorrow I have another paper too. I hope I can finish faster.