i promise to blog soon. So sorry. I had alot going on in my life right now. and the pictures keep on accumulating.

tmr is the weekend i am pretty glad. In shanghai, i can really say THANK GOD ITS friday cause i don’t have to worry abt tuition.

Tmr i will be going out with cousin’s cousin in a huge group and we will cover alot of places xin tian di, bund, nanjing xi road, and the cheng hong temple. I have been to some of these places but they are so beautiful, they are worth going again!

and on sunday, its the singapore food festival which is held near where i stay. So i will bring them around abit and then i think its time to spend some moolah on clothes, bags and shoes at qi pu road.

since i am staying alone, i have been eating alot of unhealthy food (junk, convenience food which just requires heating up), yesterday after much nagging from friends in Singapore, i headed to carrefour and bought some food to cook and barley too. i will boil some barley on saturday night since the weather here is unbearable. i think it is almost 35 degrees yesterday or maybe even hotter. Its not just hot, the breeze is hot.

I have been eating alot of good food last week as my uncle was in Shanghai and we went around eating expensive food. And i don’t have to pay 😛