Qualities redefined

” I might not have reached China yet. But this post was written way in advanced. I decided to plant it here for publication so that no one in Singapore can question me about it. Hahahhahaa. ”

okok, I finally get it. I think I know what kind of guys I like.

I realised I am not superficial at all. Looks, height and size doesn’t really matter. Case in point, I know this guy recently and he seemed to be my type. Problem is that he is attached and is looking at marriage in a few years time. Which comes to the question of why are the good guys attached or married, which I hopefully will address next time.

Ok, back to that guy. He is short. In fact shorter than me. I think he is about 1.6 m while I tower over him at 1.65m in slippers and 1.7m in heels. But what was attractive about him was that he knew what he wanted in life. He wanted to get a good job to settle down in a few year’s time. Wow. He’s smart but not showy. I hate hate hate hate hate hate guys who has no substance but tries hard to show some substance. (I met one such asshole this year as well.) This guy is smart but he doesn’t speak to impress. Rather, he speaks when he has a good point to make or contribute. He isn’t snotty and accepts other people’s point of view even when he knows he is way more intelligent than them.

And once, I was late for project meeting and it was raining heavily which renders me helpless since I was handicapped without umbrella. I called for help and he did not even flinch when I told him to bring an umbrella for me when he was in school. He took quite a long while and I understood why. He had to get an extra umbrella for me in his car and he realised one of them is sorta spoilt and offered me the good umbrella instead. I thought chivalry was dead.

And he is quite lame and funny even though he seemed so serious all the time.

Ok so from this example I have concluded the type of guys i like
1) successful
2) smart
3) speaks good english
4) gentlemanly
5) family oriented
6) humble
7) funny

Ok now to look for a guy with the exact qualities