new family member

I shall sneak in a post before i leave for school at 4pm. I hope i manage a B for tmr’s paper. If i get a C, then I will be relatively sad. I told myself that I will write my prof an email and thank her if I get a B. hahahaha.

Yesterday I am super slack even though my preparation for tmr’s paper is quite little. Sigh. But today I think i did pretty much alot of work. Hopefully all turns well in the end. And in 1 week’s time I will be gone from Singapore. Pretty fast huh?

So for the preparation, i went to the temple to get an amulet. Was told that my luck is still quite bad but sigh, i still have to go. I was advised on certain things to follow and to be careful of esp people. The deity can really see through me. He said ” You are someone who is easily sad, so if you feel sad in Shanghai, no point staying there. Come back to Singapore. ”

I just hope that apart from the homesickness I will experience, nothing really bad will crop up. i told my friend of my concerns and she said that she will bring me to a temple in Shanghai when I arrive there. I think i need peace of mind.

I am still very unprepared for my trip. I think i will rush down on fri and sat to get everything. But what to do when I am so busy preparing for my exams?

And this morning, we have a new family member. To protect the family against evil, we were told to have a Goddess of Mercy in our house. So we bought a statue and the temple people installed it today.

I am rather insecure about my exams. Hopefully I will be back with good news soon.