Looking for Love? Definitely Not With Hitchoo



Found out about this service from Brennan’s blog and come to think of it, Hitchoo’s a pretty useless service. I mean just imagine this scenario, girl having fun with her friends or whatever girls do, guy approaches girl and pass her the card. Here’s how I see things will work out;

Girl: Oh wow, you’re such a mysterious guy! You totally impressed me! Now I’m just going to Hitchoo.com so I can get to know you better.

Guy: Really?

Girl: No dork! I’m gonna throw this away and tell everyone what a ridiculous piece of shit you really are!

But anyway, I applied and got my 8 Hitchoo cards few days ago!




Since I probably won’t be using them for their intended purpose at all, I’ve been brainstorming on what else can you do with this ‘exquisite Ice Gold cardpaper’ (exactly how they described the cards in the letter I’ve received).

Here are some brilliant ideas I’ve come up in the last 2 minutes. Feel free to improvise.


Went out with your friends in a hurry only to realize you forgot to bring your keys when you get home? Do not fear! Hitchoo’s here to save the day!

Seen all the OH-SO-COOL Hollywood movies where they managed to break locks with just a credit card? Now you can do the same with the Hitchoo card!

Just watched God of Gamblers? Wondering if you can accomplish the same feat? Do not fear! Hitchoo’s here to save the day! I even made a video so you guys can follow my crazy card throwing skills!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj4bBV8i_Aw]

Or you can simply use them for your notes writing.


Hitchoo cards, makes life great. 😀