This semester, I went and bidded for alot of my classes alone even though some of my friends whom I usually take classes with are there. In the end, I was unhappy for the first 1 month or so as I have to adapt to thoroughly new project mates and make new friends. Weirdly now that the term has end, I have to admit that it has been an enjoyable semester despite the shit load of work. I became more independent and adaptable to new people. I made many good friends (not counting those hi-bye type) through my project mate and I can say I am really quite happy.

Out of my 4 project groups, I made 8 new good friends whom we want to keep in touch and want to take classes with again. And what touched me was that some of them wanted to send me off tmr despite knowing me for about 4 months. I am so touched.

And on the other hand, I have some other friends who can’t really be bothered. Asswipes. And Poor Miss elegant has to wake up really early cause my flight is so early

This really puts everything in perspective.

And oh no, homesickness without even arriving over at shanghai.