freedom is sniffy

today’s my last paper and i don’t quite feel anything. On one hand, i was glad its finally over,on the other hand the thought of packing for my trip sort of turns me off. Aye, anyway i went grocery shopping and bought all sorts of medication, plasters, biscuits, instant noodles and MILO. I will get coffee tmr since I heard that the coffee there sucks and maybe I might miss the taste of coffee.

i think I packed 3/4 of my clothes and there are 22 tops, 2 jackets, 7 skirts and 2 dresses in a half filled suitcase. And i got a handcarry to fill up too.

Oh boy. And tmr morning will be a rush around town to get the necessities.

And i started to have flu (i thought i have flu vaccination) again. Good timing.

Hail the world’s fastest packer.