food galore

being the typical city kid, I have never seen chickens being sold. So i was pretty amused by the whole selling of chickens. This occured in a dark alley which had the smell of slumps. Shanghai pretty personified the world, with the slumps and the condos side by side (3rd world vs 1st world).

some random view of the surroundings while on my way to the police post. No, i didn’t do anything wrong. just that all foreigners staying in shanghai must register within 24 hrs.

A condom vending machine lol. Outside an apartment. One bid for the 1 child policy? i heard that if you are from a single child family and you married another single child, you can have 2 kids. This is cause the urban rich city people are only having 1 kid and the rural people are having more, so they are trying to reverse the trend. Anyhow this vending machine comes in extremely useful i will say. I was quite surprised by the public displays of affection between young chinese couples everywhere i went. Conservative? Not.

靜安詩 hope i typed correctly. its a temple and there are alot of atas restaurants here.

this is jap curry at coco restaurant。its pretty affordable. We spent abt 7 bucks each on a main dish and shared a starter.

look at the no. of new cards i have acquired. Nets card, foodcourt card, transport card and lastly condo card.

I went for some bbq buffet. The people walked around with meat and cut it out for u. kinda like brazillian style. Too bad dinner was rushed if not i will have stayed to eat the desserts.

traffic wardens. Super needed. Its so scary to cross the roads here. the cars right turned anytime anywhere and they are always right. According to my friends, if a car or bicycle knocked you down, its your fault. if a car and a bicycle knocked into each other, its 50-50.

omg, this is so yummy. we shld have this in singapore. this is the name of the shop at wu jiang road.

people hard at work to make the delicacy.

this is da bomb. its pork inside and there’s gravy inside. Kinda like xiao long bao but its bigger and pan-fried.

did u see a pigeon? I really do as the locals do, and eat almost what they eat.

this is freaking yummy too. both this and the above plate cost abt 3 sing.

this is xiao long xia aka small lobsters. Now is the season for small lobsters and my friend brought me to try this. The season is going to end though. And during this season, all the zi char stores will switch to selling this and they change their shop-signage too. About 5 sing for 1 jin.

this gratin cost 2 sing :P:P:P. i am going to eat at this italian store almost every week.

i decided to eat again the next day for lunch. this time i ordered the set, consisting of soup and salad.

and this is the sphagetti together with the set. the whole deal? Around 3 sing.