Encounters of the older kind

I was telling someone about 50ish that I am flying off this sunday. And guess the reply.

“Hi, Mrs Lim. Great. I will want to meet up with you before you leave for Shanghai. I will miss you… :-(”

Sensing something weird, I replied to re-iterate the fact about meeting up tomorrow (which didn’t happen today) and complained about my sucky papers.

And the reply?

“Good. Still I say I will miss you… 🙁 ”

Maybe older people are more affectionate. Like the encounters my sister have with another 50ish guy.

“Hi, tall people have it good.” (the tall genes are not in me. Cheebye)

“Hi, you are very tall ah?” My sister muttered something about being too tall is not good. Then the guy replied “Yah, but when people are tall and goodlooking, hey that’s you!”

And one day he came up to her and say she is very pretty (the pretty genes are not in me too. Cheebye)

Yah, older people are really more affectionate and younger people like us shldn’t think too much.