Boycott NETS


But hor, NETS CEO Poh Mui Hoon says their 400% merchant fee hike “is not a consumer issue in any way, and it should not be made out in any way to be one”.

Suuuuuure, merchants affected only mah. Why should customers be worried? Merchants will not pass the costs to customers one! Retailers are not allowed to transfer the extra fee directly to consumers what!


I have this POSB Debit Card which I’ve been using all the time. I opt to pay by NETS most of the time (99.9%) as I felt there wouldn’t be any difference whether I’m using NETS or Debit. I was even discussing with my friends some time ago as we were both using debit cards;

“Why use the debit option at all when you can just use NETS?”

I think I’ve found my answer.