weight gaining mission

Given that i erred on the heavy side, i should be losing weight, goddamnit. But since i am going off soon and will be missing all the nice food (don’t go away prata, nasi brayani, hokkien mee, sambal stingray, wanton mee, satay,chicken rice), i decided that a weight gaining mission will be very apt. Notice all the food are high on the calorie-meter, so too bad lah, i must gain weight before i leave. Just hope that I don’t gain so much.

Will be meeting my biatches later at 85 (don’t rain please) for supper. I can already imagine what I am going to order, hokkien mee, satay, sambal stingray, bak chor mee. Teehee. My weight gaining plan is off to a good start.

and notice the huge amount of blog posts recently. This can only mean one thing. My test is coming. It is on monday. Oh fuck.