those vaccinations

Finally got my ass down to the polyclinic for vaccinations. I called my family doc and he said there is no need for vaccinations but to make my dad less worried, i hauled my ass down to the polyclinic to get some jabs. In the end I took flu and typhoid jabs. One on each arm, which lead to me having a hard time sleeping since both arms are painful to rest on.

The nurse need to ascertain that I am not pregnant before taking the vaccinations. Since i was quite unsure about my the last date of my period, she sort of threatened that I have to take the pregnancy test. Which almost lead me to tell her my most inner secret about being a virgin

And then she dropped the bombshell. “You are married right?”

“huh? No. I am single.” ANd the part about single and available almost rolled off my tongue too.

Damn it, the polyclinic records showed that I am married at 22. And she must be thinking, wah marry so young must be shot-gun. Somemore going to china to wor.

And after taking both vaccinations, i felt tired the whole day 🙁 I didn’t study :(:(:(

And now i got flu.

Ohwait, didn’t I just take the flu jab yesterday?

Update: i told my dad abt the flu vaccination not working. And he said: Its a matter of time before you fall sick. you always fall sick without enough sleep :(“