sleep deludes me

I have been managing quite little sleep these few days to complete my projects.

Sunday was a pathetic 3 hrs.
Monday was a even more pathetic 2.5 hrs.
Tuesday which means today will be slightly better. Hopefully 6 hrs

I hope i did well today. Yay

And i was just doing work and more work and more work. Monday was 9am-330pm practising accouting qns and abit of crying. Then class and then at night, i went to dl bloomberg data for my project (which means i know how to use bloomberg computer :D) Then reached home at 10 pm and did my project for today’s presentation until 330 am. Woke up at 6am and rushed to school for tues. Then presentation. Then 4 hrs tuition. COme back home, try to finish readings , tv, cramping.

my days are getting more and more productive.
I got tuition everday frm wed to sat :S

Shall finish up my bloomberg project by tmr after tuition. It is quite tiring to juggle studies and tuition especially in this maddening exam period. I think i might stop their tuition after their exams, and get some time to mug.

I promised my smelly friend that I will exercise on friday. I hope it is not a broken promise