sim lim hate

I hate going to sim lim square. because

female+ignorant=walking vegetable head (cai tao)

hate hate hate hate hate

I went to get my laptop adaptor and knn the first person quoted me 160. I got it for 80 in the end. Fuck right?

And now i need to get digital cameras so i went with my friend. But we end up looking like vegetable heads more than ever. Because the effect is amplified with 2 ignorant females.

pui. and they quote me all sorts of lousy prices. BUT we are not so stupid ok? At least we know Olympus not good. And KNN all try to sell to me. And even dare to ask me why Olympus not good? Oei, you all sell digital cameras, you should know it better than me


And my mother is getting quite scary. You know she used to be the type that told me to get a BF only after i finished studying. Which means frigging 23 lah. And I always tell her it will be too late. And after watching the channel 8 show with aileen tan being single at 40, she got brainwashed and told me to follow my sister if she goes to a dating agency at 25. Cause i was saying 30 will be my limit and I will be going to them for help.

25 is not that far away 🙁