raindrops from the corner of my eyes

I hope I had been there when my friends really needed me. I think today is an emo day for most. Somehow tears has been the main feature for today. Sometimes I see how circumstances force my friends to a corner and I am always thankful for what I have. I only have monetary and academic worries. And I feel for my friends who pour their hearts to me today. I only wished I can help them solve their problems.

And while walking home, I was reminded of the fact that 1 month away from now, I will be in a far away land without my family. The truth? I am fucking worried. I remembered a funny moment last saturday shared with my parents and suddenly my heart plunged when I realised that I probably won’t have this moment with them till next year. It is funny how I was laughing and basking in that funny moment while feeling nostagic at the same time. I am not sure whether my eyes will be dry in 1 mth’s time at the airport. I hope I will still have tears left by then. I pity the passenger next to me on the airplane. I hope he/she is in the mood for wet weather.

Sigh, back to work. 3 more weeks and i shall be free as a bird.