mugger alert

I think i am scaring some of my friends by deciding to be extremely hardworking. Of course i have my off-days when i am feeling lazy. I did something stupid long ago which i realised yesterday. My laptop was having problem and i decided to save everything on my thumbdrive and typed on Miss Pooh’s laptop. And i forgot about that document with the previous notes mentioned by the Prof during class and deleted it off my laptop quite a while ago. Until yesterday when i wanted to do my mindmap for that topic, i had totally forgotten abt it. When i realised what a fool i was, i wanted to cry at that very moment.

And then i downloaded all sorts of crap to recover lost documents which have been deleted off thumbdrives. Well, i succeeded in recovering it. But now my ppt can’t be opened, cause i think it was corrupted. Goodness. I spent almost 2 hrs trying to recover that damn document. Thankfully Miss Pooh lent me her notes. miss pooh to the rescue again!

Now i am trying to dl open office to see whether i can recover that ppt. Sigh. And that ppt is extremely important cause the Prof said he will test on that topic. Sigh oh sigh.