Ok, i think my blog entry on phantom of the opera is super long overdue. SO i will just say that its great. And i am so glad I went to catch it. I think the guy playing the Phantom has a powerful voice which can convey emotions very well. The Phantom is supposed to be the bad guy but I can understand his anguish and obession with Christine that I emphatise with him. The other actors are so-so but the sets are omfg. I particularly love the scene where he brought her to his dungeon and he was on a boat with her. They turned the stage into a river, which was like wow! I was humming along to the songs since I really loved Phantom.

I watched Spiderman and it was great too.

I am going to watch pirates and I am sure it will be great.

I met up with Mr-think-he-is-so-charming and Mr Fag separately yesterday. Fag and I went to Mahattan’s FIsh Market at PS for dinner and the service and food is great. Poor Fag landed up in hospital after eating mussels and tomatoes a few days ago which meant, i have to eat the 4 mussels but hey, i am not complaining.

Mr-Think-He-Is-So-Charming is quite kwai-lan. My time is quite precious and he made me thronged Funan IT Mall with him. We walked for 1 over hour while looking for his stuff. Hate hate hate. I think he could sense my displeasure after 1 hr (gee, that’s fast) and we sat down for dinner and catched up with each other’s life. Mr Jie-mei couldn’t rush over in time so i think we shall see each other next year.

I am going to meet my last group of friends this tues before gearing up for the exams and then bye Singapore, Hi Shanghai.

Remember the weight-gaining mission? I have been eating all the unhealthy food and indulging since I am leaving. And I think when I reached Shanghai, I will be indulging again since this is my first time there. And i think i am pretty good at making up excuses. 😀