exam stress makes people mean

my friend over in Shanghai was telling me about the peeps that are there already. And there is this girl whom I will call Banana who is notorious in my sch. And there is this guy Cat whom i disliked from one email he sent out to the peeps. Unfortunately Cat is working with my friend in the same company.

And Cat was sort of robbed when he was in shanghai, so he was blogging about it. But of course being a Cat with 9 lines and being extremely agile, he was able to fend off. So i was telling my friend that although i don’t really like Cat, the way he writes is quite interesting.

And my friend went to read the blog entry. And she almost wanted to puke. Cause she has heard that story 59076545789944578 times. And each time there are more and more additional details.

I was saying maybe by the time i arrive in shanghai, he will be telling me a new version of the story complete with how hot he is and how the robber wanted to rob him of his cash and gay virginity. And how he managed to kick and fend him off. Oh, my Hero! And then i said Cat can direct movies with Banana being the lead actress. hahaha.

And Cat is really quite irritating, cause he irritated a nice girl and talked non-stop all the time until the girl have to say ” I want to go to the toilet.”

if its me, i will tell him

“eh, you need to go to the toilet”

“huh, why?”

” cause you got verbal diarrhea”

someone needs to do a research about how stress makes people mean. Enough about research about oral sex killing.