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My flight has been fast-forwarded 5 days. Which means I will end exams on fri and then fly off on sunday. Wow. And i will be the world’s faster packer to pack 6 months worth of stuff in 2 days.

And the new flying date means i won’t get to meet any friends at all. I cancelled all the plans I was going to have earlier and decided that I will just meet my family on fri. And sat will be packing day. And sun it will be “byebye singapore, i still love you and not forgetting the 200 bucks I left behind.”

Which means I got to reformat my laptop, go for vaccinations, buy digital and web cams, develop and laminate photos, buy medicine and toiletries within 2 weeks WHILE STUDYING FOR EXAMS. I think the only word going through my head now is “sian”.

And i have to get the photoshop cd also, learn it in 2 days, do more research for my work in 2 days. Phwar. I am superwoman if i can accomplish all this. And i was telling my friends that they will see my pictures with me looking the same, until i come back singapore and then they will realised how much i have ballooned, and how good my photoshop skills are.

I heard the food is super delectable there. Shit. Everybody said that. Which is good cause i can’t stand eating western food everyday. I will be eating xiao long bao everyday i think. And people say you are what you eat, so a da long bao i will be.

And 2007 being such a special year, i will travel alone in hk after my internship. While taking the connecting flight, i will stop over at HK and eat more dim sum there. Travelling alone will be a good experience i hope to a foreign place I haven’t been before.

I better develop a new technology that will photoshop people’s eyesight you know? then plastic surgeons will be out of jobs. I can allow the new photoshopped eyeball to see the image that I have photoshopped. Wahahha. And we can laugh at people with plastic surgery then.