cramping not crumping

I know why i have been moody and feeling so emotional. It is the bloody period that decided to visit me today. And the cramps are really bad again with a panadol taken during tuition. And now at night, the cramps decided that it has enough rest and it is now time to play. Die cramps die. Fuck, i think hormones should render all women mental. How the fuck am i supposed to feel in the pits one day and feel high the next day? It’s madness.

And usually with cramps, it mean that I am quite weak. Try losing blood continually for 4-5 days and tell me whether you feel strong. So i hate it when the lan jiao men snatches my seat on the train with me. I am sorry but I was cursing that your birdie will shrink with every menstrual cycle I have. Now you know why I hate men so much. But my mum said that the man didn’t know I am having cramps and feeling weak. But fuck you anyway (it’s the hormones).

Men are supposed to be gentlemenly because of the whole menstrual thing. Because women are usually rather weak during their bloody periods, men were taught to open the doors for women and blah blah just in case they have menses. I think men now indulge in something called tough love. We know they want us to be stronger for the following menses, so we have to withstand our cramps while balancing on our heels in the bloody shaky trains. Yes, I am sure we will become a stronger person if nobody feels faint in the process or any shrinkage of birdies.

And don’t u realise that the bloody trains are damn bloody unstable. if you can’t find a stand to hold, you are doomed to fall. Trains behave like buses now, they even jerk. Knn. And that’s cheebye you know?

How the hell did i crapped out this load of rubbish?