yes, I have weighty issues

I am now in school with mr fag, attempting to study. You know I am so screwed, i refused to buy a textbook and i decided i shall borrow from the library only that it is borrowed and i can’t find the other copy. FUck. I took an older edition and there’s quite abit of rearrangment of chapters. let’s hope the content is the same.

i was watching a documentary on how some parents cope with children having eating disorders. One 15 year old guy refused to eat beyond 5 pm for 2 years. He has to start to eat and his first step was sucking 2 sweets at 5.05pm. On the other extreme, there is this girl who refused to eat and stashed all the food between cds, books and all her personal belongings. Sigh. And she went to the eating disorder clinic and she realised that the children in there needs help except her.

And there’s a female blogger who is battling with her weight and I can totally understand how she feels. I was there once when I was obsessing over my food and how much I eat. I think i am headed to that direction again as I really need to lose the excess pounds. Its quite sad when you stop believing that being beautiful inside is important and everybody is just trying to appear beautiful outside.