what’s wrong with me?

I think I have become a group project nazi, you know the slave drivers who work their project mates to tears?

For this project A, initially I was a little slack lah, cause I didn’t reply the email on which subject topic to choose from and apparently the whole group did reply back to Smart Guy (nickname of project mate). Except me. I apologised since I know it was wrong of me. That time was quite a bad time with all the stress from the reports so I didn’t manage to reply the email before he sent it to the TA. So now, I am working extremely hard to get back into his graces. I emailed the whole group on the selection of topics, just spent 4 hours researching and emailing them 400-500 pages of research to read. Sigh. If i am on the other side, I will think my project mate is abit wonky and too enthus for this course.

Not to mention for this subject A, there is this forum to participate to get better marks. Guess what I did? I went to find a good article to share with all the students and posted it. I think 1 year ago, I was hating people who did that. I think this is the year 3 syndrome. Miss Pooh, go check out my article.

And this year, either my Profs are smarter but there are more who remembered me by name. I think I made an impression this semester. Let’s hope my grades made a good impression too.

My ex colleagues of the first internship couriered my bdae present to my house (remember last time they couriered sam soon pig for xmas to my house?). Wow! I am so touched. My father said they love me very much. 😀

I met up with the taitai and mr gay for my bdae together with jet-setting taitai for dinner. Omg, it has been a year since I saw cheryl the jet-setting taitai. It’s nice to catch up and update about each other’s life. The evening ended too soon again.

And I am going to IMM Daiso with Pipi (sis) soon after her exams. Omg, from one side of the island to the other side.