sugar mummy?

The JC male friends hate going out with the girls now since the girls are going to graduate and all we can talk about is 1) graduation trip 2) jobs 3) first branded bag to buy 4) salary

the guys can only listen and fret about the increasing cost of the meals we are having. They are praying that we won’t go for even more expensive food when we all start work while they are still in university diapers.

So my friend being the kind friend that she is offered to find Baby (lousy male species) a sugar mummy from her future workplace. Being the nice person I was, I remembered we have a single and kinda old but rich teacher who was our cca teacher. Then I told Baby, eh what about Miss W***. Guess what he said?

“Eh that one sugar ah-mah”

Sugar ah-mah only 50 ish ok?

And Mr Fag wants a sugar daddy too, I told him his will be Sugar -Gay.